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About Us

There is a long-standing history of Obstetric Medicine at the University of Toronto. The current Toronto Obstetric Medicine program is one of the largest Obstetric Medicine programs in North America. The program includes teams from six of the University of Toronto academic hospitals - Mount Sinai Hospital, University Health Network, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital, Women’s College Hospital and Hospital for Sick Children. Among these hospitals, there are more than 12,000 deliveries per year and a significant portion of the deliveries occur in women with medical conditions. To address the clinical needs of this large volume of patients, there are more than 50 medical experts involved in the program with expertise spanning all of the medical specialties.

The overriding goal of the program is to provide outstanding clinical care for pregnant women with medical disorders. The program, also known for excellence in teaching, has a longstanding Obstetric Medicine fellowship training program, and researchers at the University of Toronto are world renowned for their innovative research in the field of Obstetric Medicine. 

                              Our vision is to be the pre-eminent international leader in clinical, teaching 
                                                        and research programs in Obstetric Medicine

             Our mission is to improve the care of pregnant women with medical disorders and their children,
                           and advance the field of Obstetric Medicine through innovation and collaboration

                                                                             Patient-Centered Care
                                                                              Innovative Research
                                                                              Teaching Excellence


Dr. Candice Silversides
Head, Obstetric Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital
Toronto General Hospital, 585 University Ave., 5N- 521 Toronto, ON M5G 1Z5
Tel: 416-340-5014 Fax: 416-340-5014

Dr. Michelle Hladunewich
Head, Obstetric Medicine, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
Sunnybrook Division of Nephrology and Critical Care Medicine
Room A139, 2075 Bayview Avenue
Toronto ON M4N 3M5
Tel: 416- 480-4773 Fax: 416 480-5755