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Michelle Hladunewich MD, FRCPC

Michelle Hladunewich MD, FRCPC
Medical school/ training:
Medical school - University of Alberta
Internal Medicine - University of Toronto,
Critical Care Medicine - Stanford University
Nephrology - Stanford University
Masters of Science in Clinical Epidemiology - Stanford University
Hospital Affiliation:
Mount Sinai Hospital, University Health Network and Sunnybrook Health Science
University Appointment:
Assistant Professor
Division Head of the newly created Division of Obstetrical Medicine
Director of Acute Dialysis and Inpatient Services in the divisions of Nephrology and Critical Care at Sunnybrook
Clinical Specialty:
Research Interests:
Kidney disease in pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, gender differences in progression of glomerular-based kidney disease and gender differences in critical care. She has held several peer-reviewed-grants as principal investigator.