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There are numerous formal educational activities that take place in the field of Obstetric Medicine. 

Medical Complications in Pregnancy rounds (weekly): These rounds include case presentations and literature reviews. Case presentations provide a forum to discuss management of challenging patients, in a multidisciplinary setting (medicine, obstetrics, anesthesia, neonatology, nursing, pharmacy, dietetics, social work). 

Obstetric Medicine Rounds (monthly): Staff or fellow presentation of review of the literature in a topic specific to Obstetric Medicine.

Motherisk rounds (weekly): Presents either original research or a review of the literature in the field of pharmacology in pregnancy or lactation.

Ob/Gyn Grand Rounds (weekly): Occasionally presents topics of relevance to Obstetric Medicine.  International guest speakers are often invited.

Medical Grand Rounds (weekly): Presentations by academic physicians or scientists, in topics in Internal Medicine and its subspecialties.