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There is a wide range of internal medicine clinics dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of pregnant women.  During the Obstetric Medicine fellowship, trainees will attend the General Obstetric Medicine clinic as well as rotate through various medical subspecialty pregnancy clinics. A list of these clinics includes:

General Obstetric Medicine (Supervisor: Dr. Gandhi, Dr. Ray)
These clinics have a focus on medical disorders in pregnancy.  The trainee will develop knowledge and skills relating to the treatment of hypertensive disorders, neurologic, hematologic (including thromboembolism), and renal disorders as they relate to pregnancy.  Trainees will become proficient in the management of chronic medical conditions in pregnancy and the peripartum period. In addition, trainees will develop skills in pre-pregnancy optimization and counseling of patients.

Cardiology (Supervisors: Dr. Colman, Dr. Silversides, Dr. Wald)
This clinic will provide the trainee with exposure to a wide variety of cardiac disorders, including congenital heart disease, valvular heart disease, cardiomyopathies and arrhythmias. 

Endocrinology (Supervisors: Dr. Feig Dr. Lowe, Dr. Gilbert,
Dr. Shah, Dr. Lipscombe, Dr. Kumar and Dr. Fettes)
Trainees will be exposed to a large variety of endocrine disorders.  This ranges from common disorders such as diabetes and thyroid disease, as well as more uncommon entities such as pituitary and adrenal disorders.

Genetics (Supervisor: Dr. Chitayat, Dr. Chong)
Trainees will be involved in preconception counseling, genetic counseling and management of genetic disorders during pregnancy.

Hematology (Supervisor: Dr. Grand’Maison, Dr. Shehata, Dr.
Ward. Dr. McLeod)
These clinics offers a unique opportunity to manage thromboembolic disorders, thrombocytopenias, anemias and various hemoglobinopathies (thalassemia, sickle cell disease) during pregnancy.  

Nephrology (Supervisor: Dr. Hladunewich)
This clinic will provide the trainee with the opportunity to manage a variety of complex renal disorders in pregnancy, with a focus on glomerular-based diseases, renal transplant recipients and ESRD patients of dialysis.  

Rheumatology (Supervisor: Dr. Laskin)
This clinic provides trainees with exposure of lupus and other rheumatologic diseases.

Other Clinics
Dermatology Cheryl Rosen (Mount Sinai Hospital)
Dermatology Perla Lansang (Sunnybrook)
Infectious Disease and HIV Sharon Walmsley (Toronto General Hospital)
Infectious Disease Vanessa Allen (Sunnybrook)
Hepatology  Gideon Hirschfield (Toronto Western Hospital)
Gastroenterology Lawrence Cohen (Sunnybrook)
Pain Clinic Alan Gordon (Mount Sinai Hospital)
Respirology Steven Lapinsky (Mount Sinai Hospital)

Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinics: There are a number of high-risk Obstetric clinics that fellows will attend.  This will allow the trainee to develop an appreciation for the important obstetric issues that are involved in high risk patients, such as the impact of maternal disorders on fetal wellbeing, fetal monitoring and the optimal timing and mode of delivery.  A listing of these clinics includes:

Cardiac – Dr. Sermer
Hematology – Dr. Sermer, Dr. Malinowski
Infectious diseases clinic - Dr. Murphy
Renal Disorders - Dr. Keunen
Obesity – Dr. Maxwell
Oncology – Dr. Maxwell

Placenta clinic (Supervisor: Dr. J. Kingdom)
Focus is on placental scanning and  diseases.